Who Has the Better Work Ethic, White or Blue Collar?
By Admin

October 23, 2010

Hands-down the prize goes to Blue Collar. Especially to the folks who work on assembly lines, loading docks, machine shops and anywhere the work comes at you rather than you going after it. We can add the “no collar” folks in here who work in customer service for banks or call centers where the calls come at you before you put your butt in the chair, and don’t stop until you pry your bottom loose to go home.

You get up earlier than anyone else, or when other folks are going to bed. You get the kids off to school or kiss them goodnight, and off you go. To the same work, different day.

On the job you get a half hour for a lunch break (that means you bring your lunch, not drive and sit at Ruby Tuesday’s). You might get two 15-minute breaks to relieve yourself, make a call, check on the kids or argue with a bill collector. Then it’s back punching that button, loading the truck or listening to whiney-ass rich people on the phone. All for $11 per hour.

Now, the White Collar guy strolls into work at 8 or 9 (HR people), gets a cup of flavored coffee (or sips at the Latte’ from Star Pukes drive through), chats to the next cube about the kid’s soccer match or the boss’s dress, ambles along to the work desk and begins to push paper around looking busy. Now it’s ten o’clock. Time to check Facebook, Linkedin, Viral email, and read the latest on MSN about the elections. You’ll get to the in-box later today.

At ten o’clock the Blue Collar guy has made 50 hydraulic valves, loaded 11 trucks, answered 43 stupid questions with 10 more holding, or assembled 5 complete aircraft weapons pods. Most of the time with no air conditioning, heat or pretty background music.

And the White Collar dude starts to complain about the stress and the pressure…while he checks the auto deposit in his bank for the last two week’s paycheck. The numbers have a comma in them.

Hands-down, the Blue Collar Guy (or Lady) has a better work ethic, for less.

Long live the Fred’s of the world! Without them, the White Collar guys wouldn’t have time for their Latte’s


  1. Frank

    Excellent assessment. It’s not the stress or pressure you feel. No one can control that – not even you. It’s what’s put on you at the basic levels: body, time, place. If the blue collar worked has no choice but to accept these things, the white collar worker had damn well better shut up and be thankful.

  2. Right On.

    The Blue Collar worker needs to be honored for his or her contribution to the success of the company, and quite frankly, our country. Without them, we’d all be speaking Chinese