Job Search and Interviewing: What Do Employers REALLY Want to Hire?
By Admin

March 1, 2011


What do employers REALLY want to hire?

9 out of 10 people will say: “Someone who can do the job”. That is correct, and of no help in the job search process. It isn’t that simple, and it isn’t quite that complex. Who is REALLY to say based on a verbal interview(s), who can or cannot do the job? It is guesswork, at best. Here are some insights that may help:

1) Employers want to hire someone who they BELIEVE will be “productive”. This person will meet output expectations in the + or – 10% range. Their output will blend in literally to the wall). They don’t want to hire a future failure. That would mean having hassles about firing, being blamed for “hiring” the wrong person, and having to face the criticism of other managers, or hiring authorities. At the same time they do NOT want to hire someone who COULD produce +10% more than their favorite or average employee (in that area). That would cause an upheaval. Also a hassle. They want to hire “Safe”.

2) Employers want to hire someone with FEW ISSUES that could affect work, or OTHER EMPLOYEES. There we go with “blend in” again. If a potential candidate shows personal issues that COULD affect work, chances are they won’t get hired, whatever those are (and however legal or illegal the foundation). In affecting OTHER people, the employer wants someone who will “fit in”, AND won’t shake the boat. Personal quirks, personality quirks, looks, attitudes, etc, are some of the questions.

3) Employers want to think and FEEL (gut stuff) that they are making a fundamentally sound hiring decision. Not a mistake. As a matter of fact, they will justify almost anything that causes them to say “NO”. Think SAFE. Who they either hire or recommend could reflect on their own job security.

4) Employers want that “Blend In” to equate to Stable, Consistent performance. No swings of genius and no swings of Charlie Sheen. Safe. Stable, safe, consistent means (to them) a long time before replacement. Now, reflect upon yourself, your experience, your quirks, that attitude, and your longevity.

Put a condom on your aura. Be the safe person. Get Hired.