Champion is being selected by more hiring authorities as their chosen and exclusive hiring service, in Industrial, Manufacturing, Technical, Skilled, White Collar and Administrative disciplines. We are VERY busy looking for The BEST people who can enjoy opportunities to show what they can do, and become Direct Hire employees of our clients.  Register today for the openings are flowing in steadily. The market is indeed moving in Northeast Ohio!

Fill out your basic credentials at our online application, or submit a resume to  A Professional Recruiter will contact you to schedule an interview with the closest Champion office to your home. Or feel free to call any of our offices to speak directly with a recruiter.

CHAMPION‘s HOT job opportunities today are:


Administrative Assistant, Sales and Marketing. Part Time (can grow to FT) Newbury Ohio:

Small, busy technology company. VP Sales and Marketing needs your help. She is swamped. You will handle a critical Excel “Book” that contains deep information on customers. Work with Customers, arrange marketing collateral, work with customers via phone, email, correspondence. Solve issues, do fulfillment. Do much data entry. Do quotes. To be hired: Know EXCEL and MS Office. Have a “sales and marketing” experience in an office, “do it now, but accurately” motivation, and want a busy position. Able to work with customers. 30 hours per week, but odds are that the hours will approach full time within 6 months. $15 per hour to start. Great People to work with.

Call Center, Inbound. Solon.

2PM-7PM or 10:30AM to 7PM. Great for students, part-timers. Full screen instructions. Work with customers on PRODUCTS to help quick fix or put-togethers. Full training (one week) Must work Mondays. Requirements:  1) Friendly person, 2) VOICE PRESCENCE. You are representing an International company of substance, 3) Deal with frustrated people 4) Able to read a drawing that shows the products assembly, 5) Problem-solver. Solon area. $9hr.

Overhead Crane Operator. Medina.

You know 6-button controls and how to balance LONG items that can weigh up to 3,000 pounds. 4PM-2AM Four Days. Interim, but …. $12hr.

Machinist: Close west side.

TREMENDOUS, international company, leader in their field and will; train you. This company is another True GREAT WORKPLACE: they know how to be best in their field, they treat their staff well, have GREAT company functions, do cross training, skill training and function on TEAMWORK. You will find a great home here! What you will need to get hired: MATH. Mics/ Calipers/ standard-metric knowledge, weights, measurements. Clean background. Pass Drug Test. Able to operate Lathes/ Grinders/ Mills. $12-$14 to start.


Hand work in manufacturing. A GREAT career start. Some Mfg, good hand-eye coordination, MATH. Able to handle detail. West. $9.25 to start.

General Labor/ Maintenance. Chesterland.

A fabulous organization! Be able to handle shop maintenance, carpentry, fix-it. Pitch-in attitude. Drug Test, Criminal check. $10hr to start.

Product Testing. Electronics. Geauga County.

Bench level testing of circuits. Have done this or come from electronics school. Patient. 7-3:30. $10 hr to start.

Human Resources Generalist:

Incredible opportunity with expanding organization, THE leader in their field (no hype). Multi-location organization where you will be in charge of all Generalist activities to include benefits, recruiting, OSHA/ Safety, Workers’ Compensation, Compensation and Salary competiveness, first-level employee issues, handbook and … reporting to and working with the CEO, the organization’s newsletter. The core of what we seek for this: experienced in and able to extend A Great Workplace. Solidity of applying core values to the HR function as a leader and decision-maker, manufacturing understanding, expertise (broad) in all generalist functions. The company has almost NO turnover (400 employees) and is known for treating all people with high respect. $60-$70,000. Reply to:

Sr. Buyer: Machine Parts, Special Projects

This organization is one of the original “Great Workplaces” of the greater Cleveland area. Rock solid staff, customers, systems and environment. We have worked with the original owners 35 years ago, and the values inherent in the operations are still present. As Sr. Buyer, you will be responsible for purchasing all non-made components for special machine orders, from prints. The machines are complex. To be hired you will need to have a TECHNICAL foundation in buying machined parts, components and accessories. Production purchasing will not qualify. Degree is not required, but could help. Know ERP/MRP/ Edwards-type systems. Again, buying for a production environment is not what we are seeking. Exclusive. $65-$75,000, direct hire.

Machine Assembly: Richfield area.

Specialty machines. You will use hand tools to assemble the components of the machines, from shop drawings and prints/ instructions, and will NEED to be able (past experience) use simple lathes and mills to make a few parts customized for the particular machines. Each machine takes 4-6 weeks to complete. A few rules: NO CALL-OFFS, at all. Be PATIENT, be precise. This is a small, well-organized organization, clean, great “people” environment, looking for a serious person. Experience with hand-tool assembly, operate simple lathes/ mills. Read prints. $12-$14 per hour to start.

QC Inspector.

Drug Free workplace. 1st shift. Use Mics/ Cals, able (exp) to write reports. Experience with QC tools. Brookpark area. Promotable. $11.50 to start, with paid OT.

CNC Lathe Setup/ Operate.

Beautiful, small, well-managed company in Euclid. Cell-style work environment with other competent machinists. JOB SHOP experience. Owners will develop your skills, but you need to be solidly experienced in CNC Lathe Sets. $17-$22 per hour. Paid OT.

Schutte or Acme screw machine operators.

You will be trained to do offsets, sets, tool changes. These are VALUABLE skills you may NOT be trained in elsewhere. Expanding company, great management, personal growth. Experienced Acme or Schutte only. $12-$15 to start.

Die Setters:

Progressive dies for production stampings operation, west side. Heavy presses. Experienced. This company is an ICON in their field. Exceptional future. $21 hour + paid OT.

Shipping/ Receiving. Willoughby:

Another “Great Workplace” with all the best for the best people. Incoming material handling, documentation, UPS/Fedex online, labeling for outgoing. Forklift to move goods. ACCURATE. Experience in Ship/Receive, manufacturing environment, Towmotor, computer use for inventory and Online shipping. Background check. No felonies. $15 per hour.

CNC Lathe Operators. 2nd shift:

Willoughby. No setups, but must have experience on CNC Lathes operations. Learn their machines (4 brands, all top flight). Do QC checks. Exceptional organization. Unique products, growing. $13-$15.50 to start.

Welding Machine Operator:

Near Mentor. Operate specialty welding machine, but also do tack welding. Production operation within superior company. Need welding knowledge or schooling, solid work history able to do production work. No felonies. $13-$16hr.

Machine Repair. Twinsburg:

Specialty equipment that is in constant upgrade mode (this is good). Handle all mechanical, some electrical work. Gears, belts, pulleys, some pneumatics, pumps. Be FLEXIBLE to have your projects change on a moment’s notice due to the need to have a machine available for an order. Background in machine repair, and NEVER late to work. $15-$16 per hour to start.

Quality Assurance. Twinsburg.

2nd shift. Know why QA is important. Have QC tool skills, a “Guiding” personality and the ability to troubleshoot machine operations. You must have QA exp, but will be trained in their specific operations. PRECISION. Read/write instructions, have a “good way” about working with others. To start: $12-$13 per hour.

Entry Machine Operator. Twinsburg:

2nd shift. Use your shop experience to learn specialty operations that are precision (and fun) and unique. Mechanical aptitude, proven ability to follow instructions, take direction and get in the groove of doing the rights things each time. Learn to do sets, so proven ability with hand tools is needed. $12 to start.

 CNC Setup/ Operate:

Willoughby area. Smaller, profitable and well-run shop that focuses on cylindrical parts with close tolerances. You will do sets that support 2 hour to 2 week runs, Tweak G&M codes on Fanuc controls, do tooling and QC. Mid-day shift. Experience only. Not a trainee position. Great benefits, respect and stability. $16-$18 to start, plus OT and raises.

One Person Office:

Garfield Heights. Interesting small company with a long reach. Handle all phone, orders, customers, A/P/R, invoicing, data entry. Peachtree. $13 per hour to start. Not a temp job.

Lead Supervisor:

Unique products and applications. Precision manufacturing. You need to be a scheduling and workflow expert, good with people and leadership of people and projects. MRP experience required. You will work hands-on, and lead a group of 8 technicians. Eastlake. Supervision and scheduling/MRP required. Superior company with two locations. To $50K to start. Direct Hire.

Machine Operator. Euclid. BIG MONEY Potential.

Overtime galore in this solid, stable AND growing non-union company. Unique processes, work in a “cell” environment with other team members. Learn all equipment to make products and see the end results. 6PM-6AM after training. 4 Days, plus week OT, plus Friday OT and weekend OT available. MUST be experienced machine operator, mechanically savvy, read Blue Prints, physically fit. At $12 hr, shift diff+ OT you will earn another $1,000+ per month over your base. By yeard end you will be at $14 per hour base, and earn even more!

Swiss Machine Setup/ Operators.

If you are experienced with SWISS machines and are looking (or hoping) for a GREAT WORKPLACE, this is it! Champion is looking for multiple people for 2nd and 3rd shifts. Two reviews and raises 1st year, annually thereafter. Paid OT, exceptional benefits. But mostly: An exceptional environment where good people, doing good things, love to work here. STABLE. You need to be experienced with SWISS machines, but will also get training in other areas. $18-$22 to start. Also HIRING EXPERIENCED OPERATORS at $17-$20 to start. If you have earned more, talk to us. East.

Warehouse Manager (Manufacturing):

This is a TECHNICAL position within a manufacturing environment, not a distribution facility. You will KNOW ERP, MRP and be able to quickly IMPROVE all operations within the facility. Take several areas to the next level, plan for expansions and consolidations, expand the LEAN mentality and systems. Train staff on effectiveness. Degree and demonstrable experience. MANUFACTURING expertise. You could be looking for direct hire or shorter-term contract commitment. $65-$80,000 to begin. A True GREAT Workplace.

Production Planner/ Scheduler.

A True Great Workplace! You will do (and should be experienced in) all scheduling and capacity/people planning for integrated Milling, Specialty machining (Job Shop), EDM and Fab (cutting via laser) work. Work directly with the Master Scheduler, on an MRP system. This is a technical position. ACCURACY and intelligence are keys to success. $42-$45,000 Direct Hire.

Quality Inspector: Level I or II:

3 rd shift in busy facility. Do in-process, hand check and automated inspection for PRECISION machined parts Know ISO, and if you are Level II, be able to program automated inspection equipment. $15-$22 per hour. Direct Hire.

Electrical Maintenance Technician:

Even with superior equipment, things go wrong or have to be maintained. Work on CNC equipment, manual equipment, Specialty manufacturing equipment, PLC Controls, Wiring, plus have hands-on experience with hydraulics, and mechanical aspects of the same machines. FULL SHOP support. The best of everything. Experience. Accurate. Efficient. First shift. East. 12 X 4 days. $20-$22 per hour to start.

IX Center: Coats, Tickets, Data Entry, Ticket Takers:

Champion is the only way you can work there for the BIG shows. Proper dress (white shirt/ blouse, black pants, dark shoes), ability to absolutely work when you say, and an enthusiastic personality.

Acme Gridley Machine Operators. Will train sharp, experienced machine operators.

Second shift. Lake County, North near Willoughby. If you do NOT hace Acme experience, MANUAL MACHINE SHOP OPERATIONS and an ability to learn will do. Must have a “work ethic”. This is a VALUABLE skill (Acme) to have. Company will train you to do sets, edits, offsets. $12-$15+ (with Acme at higher level). Hiring NOW to start ASAP. Great Company!!!

CNC Turn Mill setup/ Operate:

EXCEPTIONAL organization, known for precision, plus training, developing and nurturing great people. Be treated as the professional you are and want to be. TURN MILL experience needed. Precision work. An attitude of excellence is critical. 2nd shift. $15-$19 to start, with open negotiations at 6 months tenure. The facility, the products, the precision will blow you away! EAST.

BSEE, Power Inversion expert.

AC/DC inversion. Controls for MEDICAL equipment. Hard and firmware for new products with a premier company in their filed. Development work. Relocation paid to Cleveland. You will ove it here. $85?

Quality Inspector, Bench Level. Elyria.

Small precision machined parts. Use gages, mics, cals all from Print. Experienced in machine shop QC. GOOD upward mobility and learning opportunity in solid company where the QC Manager is a REAL Pro! 6-4:30, M-Fr. $12 to start, plus OT.

Quality Inspection, LEAD:

Exceptional opportunity with very stable company west of Avon. You will do all documentation for ISO at the bench level, lead two other inspectors, assign work, and do your own inspection. Critical phase in company’s process. Experience in machining inspection, documentation. 1st shift. $13-$15 to start.

Manufacturing Engineer, with Programming Skills.

This prestigious company is beginning a totally new phase of becoming a Great Workplace. The Engineering Manager is a true pro, with in-depth machining, programming and leadership skills (plus Military Leadership Training), and the company is full of great technology and investing in more. Classic Manufacturing Engineering functions, plus do programming, oversee programming and work directly with customers, management and ownership. Degree would be great, but we are interested in your technical skills first. CNC experience (Mills, Lathes), Screw Machines or someone with Assembly Automation experience to develop with an outside desigh house, new robotics to control assembly procedures. Department Management/ Project Management accountabilities. $sixties to High Seventies$.

Automation Engineer (cont’d)

As part of the Manufacturing Engineering Department, you will develop robotics to automate assembly. Work with outside shop. Have done this before. $Seventies$

Machine Assemblers:

Mechanical and electrical machine assembly, west side. SUPER-BUSY shop. Extensive overtime (with A LOT of MONEY!!!!). Experienced. No end in sight for their work orders. Super people, great work environment. $14hr to start.

“Lead Supervisor”:

2nd shift. Twinsburg area. Take your solid manufacturing lead experience and direct 4 production workers in specialty operations, while you learn that same technology and do your own production work. Assign work from a master schedule, do Quality Control, troubleshoot and do written reports for Management. Good mechanical skills to learn setups. $12-$14 hour to start, plus paid OT. Good, stable company, expanding.

Electrical Control Panels:

Several expansion positions open: Panel Wiring (some experience working from print or shop draft), Electrical Assembly: Crimp, strip, attach wires to prescreened control panels. Accuracy. Mechanical Assembly: Using hand tools, attach all non-electrical items to panels, from prints. All 1st shift opportunities. SE suburbs. Easy location. Hiring now. $10-$13 per hour plus paid OT.

Machine Setup and Operations. Twinsburg area.

2nd shift. Learn, using your machine operations experience, to set up and operate specialty plastic machines. GREAT opportunities in expanding, family-owned, respected company. Work ethic and desire to do good work. $10-$14 per hour to start.

Machine Operations. West Side.

International leader in their field. A GREAT learning environment with outstanding “TEAM” environment, great supervisors and a great place to work. Mechanical skills, math test, quality tools test. We look for solid work ethic, no felonies, great attitude and aptitude to learn. Work in

(3) Recruiters for our own staff:

Champion Personnel is EXPANDING. Experienced recruiters of Technical personnel or Industrial or Engineering: Locations: Mentor and Garfield. PLUS, we are hiring a JUNIOR-level Recruiter for our Corporate office in Garfield: 4 year degree plus proactive personality and a results orientation. These are expansion openings.

CNC Swiss Mill setup/ operate:

Central location. Smaller company where you will be treated with respect and allowed to grow. It is that simple. The Manufacturing Boss is a GREAT individual who needs your expertise. Also be able to run secondary operations. First Shift. To $22 to start. Apply:

Shipping and Receiving TECHNICIAN:

Yes, “Technician”. The is a precision environment where the Shipping department also does final quality inspection on all machined and fabricated parts BEFORE (one last time, so to speak) they go to the customer. This is not a “move boxes” job. You will need to have solid shipping organizational skills, great computer/ Database skills and QUALITY INSPECTION skills. FEDEX/UPS online and ground. MRP experience necessary. This organization is absolutely one of the best workplaces in NE Ohio. To $17hr to start. Overtime.

Maintenance Technician: MACHINERY.

ELECTRICAL controls, PLC’s, wiring are your first priority. Mechanical and hydraulics are second. CNC PRECISION equipment, all first-class. Experience required, but you will not find a better place to practice your skills, be treated with respect and move up. Tests will show your skills and knowledge. To $24 hour

Production Planner/ Scheduler:

Consider this a Master Scheduler for Machining departments. MRP system. Do capacity planning. Work with overall Master Scheduler for 200+ person facility. This is a place you can call home. $45K to start

Quality Inspection:

CRITICAL QUALITY CONTROL: In process, final and use of automated inspection equipment (set up and programming would be perfect experience for the second position). GD&T. All ISO work in a critically precise environment. Level I through Level II experience will qualify. Not trainee work. $18-$22 per hour to start. OVERTIME. East.

CNC  Mill setup and program.

Also run lathe and secondary machines. EXCEPTIONAL smaller shop. Metrics. Very respectful and supportive ownership. A Great Workplace. To $22 hr to start. One hour lunch.

Acme Gridley Screw Machine Operators:

Expanding company. All positions are to become “permanent”. These are NOT interim assignments. Train on first shift, go to 2nd shift. Lots of OVERTIME. You MUST HAVE some Acme/ screw machine experience.

CNC Lathe Setup/ Operate.

All work done from prints. Job shop environment with BIG parts. Experienced with Lathes, but the supervisor will make you an expert. East. To $17 to start.

Horizontal Boring Mill Setup Operate (3)

World-class manufacturer, will be busy for years to come. Setup, edit programs. Fanuc controls, Production work. Heavy OT that will earn you a TON of money and a highly stable/ benefits-rich future.


Start anywhere between 6am to 9am, depending upon business and your needs. Dispatch delivery vehicles carrying CRITICAL contents that have a delivery guarnantee. GPS, two-way, Text Comm. Handle 15-20 vehicles. One year experience minimum. Cool, Calm, thoughtful. $12-$14 to start.

CNC Mill setup operate. Lake County.

Fascinating company with THE best of everything. Job Shop/ototype. 1-200 parts. Critical Quality. G&M codes. Do quality inspection. Flex time, laid back and professional. $16-$20 to start.

CNC Mill PROGRAMMERS: Lake County.

First and third shifts for expansion. Direct Hires. You will love it here. G&M codes. Solidworks, SurfCam, GD&T. Prototypes. $25-$27 per hour plus OT. Not contract work.

Chemical Production:

Mix, weigh, measure and make absolutely positive the formula is followed. No room for mistakes. Lifting, moving vats (smaller). But a physical job nonetheless. EXPERIENCE. Rigorous background check. $12 to start, overtime, benefits, solid future. $12 to start.

Plant Machinery Technican:

Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic, Piping, building, grounds. Two people are retiring and need to train you to take over. MACHINERY experience, maintenance pro. Flex start time. $15-$17 hour to start. OT. Background check, drug test.

Lake County: Machine Operations for heavy equipment (Similar to Steel Factory or Processing).

Heavy OT so you will make a ton of money! Mechanical machinery skills and able to work with heavy metals. Need shop math, measuring skills and able to do Mics/ Cals work for QC. 3 shifts. Hiring three people now, more in the near future. SOLID future, overlapping shift work with shift differentials. Know “Steel”. Start at $10-$12 hour plus shift, plus OVERTIME and make more money than you have before.

Diesel Mechanic:

GREAT SHOP! GREAT PEOPLE!! Deadline oriented. Bring your tools. Complex diagnostics. Repair and overhaul systems. Central location. $18-$20 hour, direct hire.


This is THE place to have your career. Experience gets you in the door. You will be developed by PROS. Show what you can do, show that you want to continue learning, be productive be accurate be fully-present. AMAZING FUTURE. $14-$19 per hour to start. 6 months to pay adjustment. Turn Mill experience. EAST.

Machine Operators and Assembly. West.

You will absolutely want to work here. Bring your mechanical ability, math, measuring (QC) skills and be trained in a specialty environment. Much OT. Make solid money! Hands-on jobs with a world-leader! $$9.25+++

Press Brake Operator:

Westlake area: Both auto and manual machines. Under 50 lb pieces. CNC experience needed. Sheet metal. Very solid organization. Know decimal conversion. $51-$17 hour Plus paid OT.

CNC Swiss Lathe Setup. West side.

All custom work. All VERY interesting, precision work. MUCH OT to work. Permanent position. Swiss setup and process experience needed. $18-$22 per hour.

Assembly. Twinsburg.

Bench work, with plastics, metal, combination. Fast paced. Use good math. GREAT company, family-owned. $10hr.

Machine Setup. Twinsburg

Plastics, but you will be trained to use their machines the right way. You will need strong math skills, attention to detail and a “Can Do” attitude. 1st shift. $12-$14 per hour plus OT.

CNC Operators. Chardon Ohio.

Expanding and diversified corporation. Good operating skills, plus the ability to do offsets and QC functions. You will need to show a serious desire to learn, pay attention and look to help the team. Observers need not apply. Lots of OT, some Mandatory Saturdays. Make great $$$.

QC Inspector, Chardon Ohio

Critical quality control for critical applications. 100% inspection. Use QC tools, do documentation, be prepared to expand your responsibilities. CNC Machined parts inspection is a must. $15-$17 per hour.

Service/Project Supervisor

The perfect experience will be having supervised and developed a staff of project-oriented coordinators/ customer service pros. Each person in your department has project cases they are accountable for bringing to fruition. Each case utilizes multiple vendors, internal departments and ever-changing plans. The staff needs to have you help to assure all processes are being taken care of in the right order with the right “rules”. Each project is different, and very much not the standard “commodity”. You will need to be goal oriented and contract-rules oriented, but at the same encouraging and helpful. Prior supervision highly desired. Project, not commodity service orientation, by contracts or agreements. Degree desired, not required. $41-$46,000.

Proposal and contract analyst

Very unique position. You will analyze the major components in all proposals, prepare pricing strategies and work with internal management on negotiations, substitutions, pricing guidelines for Sales and Service. Work with Account Execs, service execs and the Analysis Manager. Great math skills, supply chain/ purchasing contract analysis skills. Degree desired. $35-$44,000 to start.

Project Coordinator (4)

You will handle all proposals to assure on-time and on-quality delivery of the final project. This will entail direct customer work, negotiations with vendors, coordination of all internal departments and juggling many projects at once. You have done this before, been very proactive and detailed. You love being the center of activity. Construction, HVAC, Equipment, and any hard-goods related services that entail multiple activities that need to be coordinated in an ever-changing environment. Make them smooth. Degree not required. $32-$38,000 to begin.

HIRING Up To 100 People: Ashtabula, Painesville, Cleveland, Lorain, Youngstown, Port Clinton, Toledo. Hiring will begin in 2 weeks. These are Technician opportunities (General Labor) where you will be trained for the various jobs, be thoroughly trained in SAFETY procedures and assigned to locations based upon your home location. This is physical work. You must be able to wear a lite respirator for many jobs, so no big side burns and no beards. 40 hours per week, but sometimes 55+ hours with paid OT. Like the Marines: we don’t take everyone. Just people who can cut it, probably are tired of working a stupid inside factory job, and are not able to find a skilled job (maybe you have not achieved skills yet). The future with this company can be union membership, great benefits. A MAJOR Long Term contract offers these opportunities. Champion is of course, the exclusive contracted workforce supplier on a regional basis. Call ANY of our offices, or call Toni at 216-823-5900.

Champion Is Expanding: Hiring Recruiter/ interviewer TRAINEES: College degree, “Coach”, insightful, demanding, able to figure people out and work within a precise system. Positive attitude essential. West, East, Central locations. Salary, bonuses, benefits, full professional training, superior environment.

Project Coordinator: Exciting! Coordinate Crews, Customer, internal staff and end results of projects throughout the USA (this position is based in MENTOR). Expanding company. You will need to have EXCELLENT skills in coordinating multiple initiatives, be highly organized and MS Office proficient. Promotion opportunities at 6 months and one year! To $33K to start. Terri: 216.823.5900

CNC Mill operator. Large parts. Bedford area. Very family-oriented. $14-$16, $18 with setups experience. Paul: 216.823.5900

Acme Operators (20). Mentor area. LOTS of OT! To $15 per hour. Paul: 216.823.5900

QA Engineer: Stow: Degree + 1-2 years of machining quality. You will spend your first 6-9 months on the floor learning the exact processes, then move into a critical role for International Quality. Exceptional company. Paul: 216.823.5900

Panel Wiring and Fabrication: Sheet metal cabinets, plus wire the board. All work from prints. Toni: 216.823.5900

NEW BLUE COLLAR: Turn Mill (Live Tooling), and SCREW Machines: This is THE BEST shop in the area. They have hired 5 TOP people from us as they are expanding, and looking to continue to find great talent. Top $, Top TRAINING, but you have to know Turn Mill or Screw Machines. Paul: 216.823.5900

Electronic Assembly: THE BEST company of its kind in the area. All hiring done through Champion. Soldering. Sarah : 330-405-5627

Electronic Technicians: THE BEST company of its kind in the area. All hiring done through Champion. Testing, rework, some development. Experienced. Sarah: 330-405-5627

IX Center Ticket-Takers, Greeters, Coat Check, Data Entry. All IX Center shows handled by Champion. Fun jobs, good pay. Need to look and act well for visitors. Angela: 440.925.0154

Hydromat Setup/ Operate. G&M codes. High pay. Nick: 440-925-0154

CNC Lathe operators. Job Shop. Huge. Great workplace. Prints: Nick: 440-925-0154

Mechanical and Electrical Machine builders. VERY busy. Have hired 9 people, and need more. Experienced. Great pay, great people: Nick: 440-925-0154

Machine Operators, Assembly: West side. Expanding and looking for good people with mechanical skills and a great work ethic. Interim to direct. GREAT place to work: Angela: 440-925-0154

CNC Setup/ Operations. Precision work. Stow area. To $22hr to start. OT. Sarah: 330-405-5627

Bilingual Customer Service: Spanish/English. Experience, responsible. Solon area. Sarah: 330-405-5627

General Labor/ Machine operations. SUPER CLEAN. You will need to pass thorough background and financial check. Lots of OT. Sarah: 330-405-5627.

Customer Service. Middlefield. Manufacturing. Know CRM. Don: 440-632-0666

Saw Operator: Cut bar stock for international leader in their field. Must have industrial saw experience. Toni at 216-823-5900.

Sales Representative: Champion is expanding. Experience in service sales, B2B. Degree, trainable, but have had formal sales training (non-retail) where the sales experience is BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT (you go after the potential customer). We are looking for assertive, high energy people who are trainable, comfortable on the phone and look like a business person for in-person visitation. Six Figure future, but not in the first year. College degree a must. Your EFFORTS produce results. Sell our company, and the relationship.

Mill Setup/ Operator: BEDFORD. 2nd shift lead. Large parts. Setup/ operate from prints. Experience. 216-823-5900

Mill Operator: Maple Hts. 1st shift. Operate. No sets. Experience with large parts. 216-823-5900

AUTOCAD Designer: Mechanical, some electrical. Experience or schooling. Hiring now. Central location. High Pay.

Electronics assembly. 1st and 2nd shifts. Solon area. Experience. Hiring NOW. Solid company, expanding. Solid pay. Sarah at 330-405-5627.

Part Time Telemarketing, MENTOR: No Pressure selling. 20-25 hours per week: 9AM-1:00PM and 3PM-7:00PM. Experience in customer service, or outbound calls. FRIENDLY. Articulate. Expanding service company. With performance bonuses you can double your hourly rate. Pleasant atmosphere. Toni@ 216-823-5900,      permanent jobs.

New Britain Machine Operator: Mentor. If you have exposure to New Britain screw machines, our company will train you to be a PRO.      216.823.5900

Quality Inspector: Twinsburg area. Aerospace Hydraulics. HIGH pay, precision environment. Experience.  Sarah: 330-405-5657

BANDER Operator: Highly efficient and organized steel slitting operation. Banding machine experience helpful but NOT NECESSARY. You WILL have operated factory equipment, multiple jobs simultaneously, have solid math skills and be FOCUSED. This is a serious operation doing GREAT work and they are EXPANDING. Monthly bonuses, 1st shift 50+ hours. GREAT MONEY. Military experience helpful for being able to be trained, following instructions and being precise. GREAT, planned career, with scheduled raises, scheduled cross-training and superior management. Exceptional career opportunity! Nick: 440-925-0154.

Geauga/ Lake County Opportunities: ANOTHER contracted Champion client is in need of 4 CNC Operators and 3 Mechanical assembly people for first and second shift opportunities. MUCH OT available. Make BIG Bucks! BIG!!!. Experience with CNC loading or mechanical hand tool assembly If you fix your care, you can handle this. Don at 440-632-0666.

Electronics Assembly (No this isn’t Libra or Aclara). Expanding, growing, high tech company needs 3 qualified Electronics assembly pros. Solder, assemble, test. Great environment. To $12.50 to start. Exclusive. Sarah: 33-405-5657

Quality Inspection Professional: Hydraulics. Solon area. Any AutoCad or CMM or Digital Imaging a plus! Very high hourly rate, plus overtime, plus direct hire. NEW organization, growing!!! Sarah: 33-405-5627. Now.

100 Openings for General Labor: Madison Ohio Area and Sandusky Ohio area. GREAT general labor jobs for 6 months. Full training. Champion exclusive contracts. Toni: 216-823-5900. We will be interviewing and hiring in your area in 2 weeks.

CNC Setup/ Operator: “Junior Level” (Company will take a semi-experienced CNC person and DEVELOP that person). East side. No felonies or violence. CNC operator with some setups. To $16 per hour. Paul: 216.823-5900.

CAD Designer: Both Mechanical layout and electrical schematics. Full cycle panel work, custom. Experience in CAD design of solid course work. $20 hr. Greg: 216-823-5900,

Quality Inspector. Mechanical Products. Good working understanding of Quality tools including gauges. Solid math. DETAIL and an attitude that says” I’m not letting anything go through that could come back”. Military and Aero. Paul: 216-823-5900.

Want to learn THREAD ROLLING? It is a VALUABLE machining profession. Our client will take a competent machinist with good inspections skills and train that person in this specialty area. to $16hr. Nick: 440-925-0154

Machinists: Operate, Setup, Setup/operate or programming. Champion has a large number of first-class companies (Production, job shop, internal job shop) who are looking for highly skilled and collaborative “Machinists” to join their staffs. Negotiated high pay rates, benefits, direct hires and solid futures. We also have shorter-term Interim assignments, but prefer people who are looking for stable employment on a long term basis. East, West, Central locations. Base rates range from $13-$26 per hour. MOST of our clients are working healthy overtime and you will be paid 1.5X for the OT. This is a great time to look for a more productive environment with perhaps a better future and things to learn. We also have hiring schedules for more clients. , 216-823-5900

CNC Mill Setup/ Operator: MILLS. Work on larger parts using OH Crane to move them into place. Small, solid shop in the Bedford area with stable customers and rewarding work.  216.823.5900

Electronics: Champion has 7 hiring client organizations who are looking for experienced technicians, SMT operators, Experienced assemblers, Wave machine operators, Quality Technicians and Soldering Pros. We also have openings for people who have completed vocational traing where they have picked up the skills to take a step into a great career. Sarah 330-405-5627, Toni: 216-823-5900. These positions are not with Aclara or Libra.

8-Customer Service inbound call, Fluent Spanish/ English. SOLON. Handle questions, calm some nerves and make people feel good about things that are neither their fault nor yours. Consumer products that deal with TV/ Cable/Home Theater (CABLE). Must be able to work 12:00 NOON to 9:00PM M-Fri and OT is available. DIRECT HIRE, BENEFITS, Clean, beautiful offices. Not like the call center you may be used to. $ to $11.50.-$13.50 EXCLUSIVE. Sarah: 330-405-5627

Sales “Engineer” (applications): Opportunity to make a substantial living. KNOW Mechanical or Hydraulic “systems” (Those are close to this product line). Be able to discuss machine systems with potential customers. Have taken a CAD course and are able to use CAD software to speed up time between customers and design. Interesting opportunity for a tech sales person.

Experienced Technical Recruiter or…. Champion is swamped and we just had a valuable recruiter take unforeseen medical leave. We are seeking an experienced, stable, aggressive technical or industrial recruiter or a person (Trainee) with a college degree, proven competitive attitude (you must show unusual achievements under adversity), jobs and activities that were proactive and involved sales, persuasion, management of people or solutions. Wall Flowers don’t cut it in this highly aggressive business. Were you an athlete? Were you able to overcome adversity? Are you considered the “Go To” person in your circle? Someone who is given a hard task, who ALWAYS comes through? We want you to apply. Salary and Bonuses. Garfield Heights location, train in North Olmsted. Apply to

Marketing Manager: This is a DREAM job! Hi-Tech software firm sold to BUSINESSES, with a business purpose is looking  for a Marketing Degree, and 2-4 years of creative experience with an ad agency. You need to consider yourself 3-G in your approach to marketing, understanding all the newest tools available. Work with the President.

Experienced Technical Recruiter or…. Champion is swamped and we just had a valuable recruiter take unforeseen medical leave. We are seeking an experienced, stable, aggressive technical or industrial recruiter or a person (Trainee) with a college degree, proven competitive attitude (you must show unusual achievements under adversity), jobs and activities that were proactive and involved sales, persuasion, management of people or solutions. Wall Flowers don’t cut it in this highly aggressive business. Were you an athlete? Were you able to overcome adversity? Are you considered the “Go To” person in your circle? Someone who is given a hard task, who ALWAYS comes through? We want you to apply. Salary and Bonuses. Garfield Heights location, train in North Olmsted. Apply to

Human Resource Manager: OUTSTANDING Manufacturing company with about 200 people, privately owned. Report to the CEO. Handle all Generalist Duties, create and move the HR strategy forward. You will also create and do “Onboarding”, work with Champion (Exclusive Recruiting and Staffing). 5 years solid manufacturing HR. Able to appreciate an entrepreneurial environment and CEO. $50′s.

BOLTMAKING PRO: Second shift will be built around you and your expertise. Be the “One and only” for awhile. 1 month on first to get into their systems. $20hr: Paul: 216-823-5900.

Wave Soldering Machine Operator: Toni: 216-823-5900

Assembly, Electronics: 1st and 2nd shifts. Some experience. will train if you have schooling. Sarah: 330-405-5627

SMT Operators: Experienced or train. (Schooling needed): Toni: 216-823-5900

Electronics: If you have work experience in an electronics manufacturing company: Solder, Assembly, Tech, Test, Technician, Engineer, Supervisor, SMT, WAVE Machine, Rework. Champion has contracted with several organizations who are tired of unprofessional staffing companies, and Champion is containing their efforts. Let us know what you can do, and we’ll try to find the best position for you. We will need to hire about 100 people in the next 3 months. Over the next year it will climb to about 250. : Sarah: 330-405-5627, Toni: 216-823-5900, Paul: 216-823-5900

Machinists: Setup, Operate, or Program. Champion has made a concerted effort to contract with some of the finest shops in NE Ohio to be the exclusive recruiting firm for their efforts in finding TOP machining professionals. Many of these companies will hire on a direct basis. We are currently seeking about 70 qualified, experts in this area. All geographies in the area. Rates range to $26 hour. all shifts. M-Th, M-Fri. Operators, leads, setup. Paul: 216-823-5900

CNC Milling Machine Operators. Hiring for 1st and 2nd shifts. Hiring 20 people in the next 30 days.! You will need to know how to operate and tweak (Tool changes, minor program edits) CNC mills, and be math-smart, reliable. AMAZING company. Solon area. $10-$13 per hour plus paid OT. Sarah: 330-405-5627.

Warehouse: Solon. You will “Own” all inventory, shipments, received goods, and make sure what is delivered is correct, what needs to be shipped is. Accuracy is critical. Nothing moves without you knowing about it. Know ERP systems, do internal and external tracking. Physically load/move inventory. We are looking for personal qualities: Reasoning ability, math, common sense, detail. Experienced in being the “Go To” person in a mfg warehouse. Exceptional organization, solid history. $30-ish + OT. Sarah: 330-405-5627

General Assembly: Will be trained in electronics (demand field). 1st and 2nd shift. Growing company. Champion is doing the staffing exclusively. Reliable vehicle. Solon area. You will have PREVIOUS assembly experience with small parts, pieces, have great dexterity and be interested in working with precision parts, being accurate, and learning a new career. Prep precision parts for the next manufacturing phases. Bench work full training. Any electronics a plus. $8.50-$9.00. Sarah: 330-405-5627, Toni: 216-823-5900. Hiring NOW and thru June. We will need to hire for this exclusive expanding client (permanenet jobs) all SUMMER.

8-Customer Service inbound call, Fluent Spanish/ English. SOLON. Handle questions, calm some nerves and make people feel good about things that are neither their fault nor yours. Consumer products that deal with TV/ Cable/Home Theater (CABLE). Must be able to work 12:00 NOON to 9:00PM M-Fri and OT is available. DIRECT HIRE, BENEFITS, Clean, beautiful offices. Not like the call center you may be used to. $ to $11.50.-$13.50 EXCLUSIVE. Sarah: 330-405-5627

Recruiters for Champion Staff: We are looking to hire and train TWO One High-energy, results-oriented Recruiter trainees. We have more business now than we can handle, and will remain that way in the future. The person we seek will NOT come from a competing firm. We have recently interviewed about 20 who have and we just are not seeing a career commitment. Champion is looking for the following qualities: OUTGOING and Vibrant. SMART. Problem-solving genes. A “Sales” person, without being in a sales function. We need to motivate people, manage them on assignments and get them performing at above expected levels. You will do that with people you place on assignments. You have managed before, you have insight into people. You are a proven “make things happen” type of person. You have a 4 year degree, 2-5 years experience in something difficult. You understand business, people and careers. This is NOT for someone who has been a retail cashier. This is NOT for inbound phone customer service people. This is also a semi-entry position. We place industrial, warehouse and white collar workers. It is intense, busy, fulfilling. Damn good money if you are good. Lousy money and a lousy career if you are thinking about vacations, time off or your personal life.

CNC Operators. (Not Set Up). Solon.  1st and 2nd shift with SOLID, Stable, GROWING company. Need to hire NOW. Experience with CNC Ops, maching. Interim to Direct. $13 hr Sarah: 330-405-5627

Entry Level BSEE to do product and CIRCUIT design, product development and testing. Superior growth highly awarded comapny. To $60K Greg: 216-823-5900

AutoCad: Second shift, take field sketches of Countertop installations and make them into working CAD prints for CNC work. PRECISION. Experience in CAD, reliable, want to grow. Solid pay. Paul: 216.823.5900

Machine Builders. Mechanical, electrical and controls. 9 Openings. MAJOR Expansion and more coming. Paul: 216-823-5900.

Electronics: We have been contracted by ANOTHER major player in this field to staff ALL their assembly, testing, technician positions. Call Sarah at 330-405-5627, NOW. People from Aclara are welcome.

Welders (4): WOW. $17 an hour. MIG welding. Verticles. second shift. We will hire 4 (FOUR) people. Be crossed trained into other functions. Work habits and attitude are important. Blue Prints. Toni at 216-823-5900

Welders: Semi-Entry. School, some Experience, combo. TIG. Bedford area. Toni: 216-823-5900

Machining. Mentor: CNC Lathe/ Mill OPERATOR (NOT setup). $12-$14 an hour. Base experience with a solid work attitude. Hiring NOW!! Toni: 216-823-5900

Production Scheduler: Direct Hire. Promotion opening. Multi-level BOM. APICS. East. $ to $45 to start. Toni: 216-823-5900

Buyer: Know electronic components. MRP. Experienced in buying for electronics manufacturing. No retail, no steel, no machining. ELECTRONICS Mfg. Local company. $50-$70,000. Toni: 216-823-5900

Quality Specialist: Degree (4 year, EE, EET, Qual, ME, Mfg). 2 years in ISO administration and processes. New Division. New Products. Incredible future. $50k? Greg. 216-823-5900

Soldering. SOLON. Precision work. Magnifier or Microscope. Incredible environment. $14hr . Sarah 330-405-5627 (405-JOBS)

Customer Service, Middlefield. Manufactured product. Commercial use. Need solid CSR, Database use, Word, excel, patient, friendly. Experience, but will get COMPLETE product training. Don: 440-632-0666

Manufacturing Engineering Manager (Potential to Mfg Manager, quickly) This is a startup division of a Local High Tech company. You will be responsible for setting up all Electronic CB’s and component mfg’g, from scratch. Must be out of this field. Six figure package.

Electronic Techs: IMMEDIATE NEED. Assembly, rework, test. Associate’s Degree with solid GPA.

SMT Operator. Some direct experience. East.

Warehouse: 3 people needed now, 9 will be needed total. Foods. Know precision towmotor work. Able to function (with a suit) in colder environment (can’t let the food spoil!) Pass Math Test.  Sarah at 330-405-5627

Machine Maintenance Technician. Geauga County. Repair precision machines: electrical, electronics, controls, mechanical and hydraulics. Exp. $50K: Don: 440-632-0666

Electronic Technicians and Testing Techs: Geauga County, near Lake County: Experience in Test, Assembly, SMT, Easy assembly of Electronics, manufacturing, School, OJT. Toni: 216-823-5900, Don: 440-632-0666

Small Machine Assembly: Near Ohio City. Bench assembly using hand tools of all components making up machine that will weigh about 75 lbs. Motor, hydraulics, actuators, electronics, pre-made components. Precision work. 7-3:30. New division of large corporation. Nick: 440-925-0154.

2-Second shift CNC Operators: Mill or Lathe. Read prints, do some inspection of parts. Mon-Thursday 3:45PM to 2:30AM. Operations experience, no setup necessary. This company will hire two people with SOME experience, but with the RIGHT ATTITUDE, as in showing you want to work. MENTOR. Paul: 216-823-5900. Now.

8-Customer Service inbound call, Fluent Spanish/ English. SOLON. Handle questions, calm some nerves and make people feel good about things that are neither their fault nor yours. Consumer products that deal with TV/ Cable/Home Theater. Must be able to work 12:00 NOON to 9:00PM M-Fri and OT is available. DIRECT HIRE, BENEFITS, Clean, beautiful offices. Not like the call center you may be used to. $ to $11.50. EXCLUSIVE. Sarah at 330-405-5627

Electrical Engineer: Design and Develop Power Inversion Circuitry.  This is a “leading edge” company, local, high growth, new products and new divisions. This is THE place to be if you are tired of being in an organization that is simply “stagnant”. Solid salary, personal and professional growth, incredible future: Greg: 216-823-5900,

Maintenance:Mechanical Technician: Fix, repair and balance machine that mix, blend and pour chemicals. PRECISION work. Solid pay. 3 month contract, with further opportunities. Toni: 216-823-5900

Electrician (Industrial). 10 Day assignment to work with electrical contractor at an Oberlin based customer. $20 hr(?). Experienced. Toni: 216-823-5900, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Middlefield/ Geauga County Manufacturing Opportunities: Yes we actually DO have an office in Middlefield, but more importantly, Champion has 37 client organizations who need to hire solid manufactuing people from machine operators to reach truck drivers to general labor: You need to live in the area (10 miles from Middlefield, Chardon, and east to Jefferson Ohio) and be sincere about hard work. Pass drug test and background check (some glitches may be okay). or 440-632-0666. NOW.

MIG Welding. 271/ 480 area. Weld frames. M-Th+ Voluntary OT on Friday. $11hr Toni: 216-823-5900

MACHINISTS: CNC. CHAMPION IS REPRESENTING 24 LOCAL COMPANIES who are seeking qualified and experienced CNC Setup/ Operators, up to programmers to work with every conceivable “chip cutting” machine and controls. ALL shifts, Pay ranges up to $26 per hour, plus paid OT at 1.5X, plus Direct Hire opportunities+ benefits+ solid places to work. These are NOT TEMP JOBS. If you are even thinking of changing companies, you need to contact us. These positions are for serious Machinists, Training is available for people who have had formal schooling in machining, but we are looking for THE BEST machinists in NE Ohio. 216-823-5900

100 General Labor people needed beginning June for Assignments: Lorain County, Erie County. We are gearing up for this client. If you have a solid work ethic, can handle “assembly” and want to work in an interesting industry, this could be for you! Send a resume or email to: we will contact you very soon with details.

International Transportation Coordinator: Twinsburg. Unique company. Growing dramatically. Import/export freight, international documentation, tracking, compliance. Audit invoices and billing. 10 years experience, any Chinese or Spanish preferred, know Iconterms, Import/Export tariff classifications, MS Office. You will love it here. $40,000+ Direct Hire+ Benefits.

Project Manager/ Coordinator: Very Unique company, super-busy, needs your project management expertise. You will coordinate ALL materials, timings, labor and support services for jobs that have already been sold, but need to be “Installed” on site. Report to overall Project Manager. Formal training in Project Management, worked that function in an “Installation” or Bid-Job or”Build” type of business. About $38K to start. Sarah @ 330-405-5657.

General Labor/ Machine Operations. Total Cross Training! AVON LAKE AREA. If you were wondering where the good jobs were out west, this is where they are! Get cross-trained on at least 5 different machines that produce specialty products for customers, PLUS get trained (and do) Warehouse pick and pack. You need to be drug free, clean background and have a sincere desire to work, learn, and be productive. 4+ Days. OT. Solid income. Raises. Nick at 440-925-0154

Recruiter: Our staff. HELP!! We have more business than we can handle!!

10 General Labor People needed for Interim to Direct Hire beginning in June: You will need to be able to wear a basic respirator: No beards/ facial hair or long sideburns. That type of hair will not allow a solid “seal” on the face. The materials you will be working around are dust/dirt/water and some chemicals. Do large scale cleaning jobs. $10hr call 216-823-5900 or 440-925-0154

9 Towmotor Operators: Solon Area. You will be working in tight spaces, in a complex, multi-room facility. Need to know how to use hand-held scanner for warehouse and be able to handle extreme temps. $10hr to start. IMMEDIATE need for 3 people on 2nd shift. Sarah 330-405-5627

Small Engine Mechanic. Gas/ Diesel. Also know hydraulics. Repair a WIDE variety of “Lawn and Garden” type equipment. NOT a seasonal job. Work year round. We are looking for solid experience in working on this type of equipment. To $20 hr to start. Paul: 216-823-5900.

Administrative Assistant. Brecksville. Be a combination of “Receptionist” (answer a 6 line phone system) work with customers and technicians over the phone. Schedule repair visits, schedule installation. Be trained to do quotes and work directly with customer. GREAT Future. Earn bonuses based upon customer service results. Word/ Excel/ Internet. GREAT attitude. Carina: 216-823-5900.

Welders: Twinsburg. MIG with some TIG. Learn Fitting. 1st shift. No drug convictions. Sarah: 330-405-5627.

Welder. Willoughby. Mid-Level skills. MIG WELDING. Fit, weld, overhead crane. Some Tig work. All from Prints. To $17.00 per hour. Carina 216.823.5900.

Inside Sales. Soft Sell. Confidence, class, good phone voice (sound confident and knowledgeable). No real cold calling, more educational and helpful (Kinda like the people at Angie’s List: Classy). Exceptional future. Twinsburg.

NC Surface/ Form Grinder. East ‘burbs. Exceptional opportunities with a company that cares about people. Have experience setup and operate surface grinding equipment, NC, pass Quality tools test. $18 per hour. Paul: 216-823.5900

CNC Mill Setup/ Operate. G&M codes. Quality tools. EXCEPTIONAL company, EXCEPTIONAL future. Paul: 216-823-5900

Machine Maintenance: Exclusive. Chardon area. Mechanical, Electrical and controls for precision equipment. Not big stuff. $50K. Toni: 216-823.5900

CNC Lathe Operators, Programmers, CNC Mill Operators and Programmers: This organization has made a major commitment to upgrading their ability to please their customers AND to DEVELOP their staff. In the Painesville area, they run 3,4,5 Axis Mills, V and H Lathes, using Fanuc, Okuma, GE Controls. Lots of OT available. We can pay starting wages from $16-$24 per hour, always based on experience, TEAM attitude and ability to produce quality work. Toni: 216.823.5900

Grinders: After customer’s part is run by Machinist, you will do finish grinding to proper dimensions. All work is from Blue Print. Do setup, edit programs and change tooling. Blanchards, ID/OD, Honing. $16-$18 to start. Painesville area. Toni: 216.823.5900

Want to become a Class A Machinist? Our client, in the Highland Hts area, is committed to developing the best: Bring some good experience or schooling in CNC work, and these people will develop your skills. Super Clean shop (literally you could eat off the floor). A/C, formal training, great benefits, great people. You will want to retire from here. $14-$16 to start. We are NOT looking for super-experienced people. This is your opportunity to learn and excel!!!

Machinist/ Operator (will Train). Dream Job! Exceptional company, exceptional technology, exceptional future. Avon Area. Be trained (Must have operators exp) to setup and op a unique machine technology. Talk directly to customers. Be the future. If you are going to engineering school, so much better. Much OT available. Squeeky clean background, appearance. $12-$14 Angela: 440-925-0154

Distribution Manager/ Warehouse Manager (Hands on): 35,000 sq ft busy warehouse for Manufacturer. Take them into the 21st century with new systems. Hands on person, not desk sitter, know ERP, BAR Coding, able to supervise 12 people on 3 shifts. Mid $50′s.

Press Operators. Middlefield Ohio. Exceptional opportunities for experienced people who can be responsible. Don: 440-632-0666

Software Engineers: Program MySQL, PHP, Java Script. The “products” do stuff that blows my mind. You may understand it, but honestly, It kinda scares us. $85K + Stock+Benefits, Plus Plus. LOCAL.

Maintenance/Plant Engineer: (No degree needed). PROCESS Piping and Mechanical/ Electrical Expertise (480V). Solid company (you won’t want to leave), plus exceptional benefits. Local. Mid-career expertise, there are two highly experienced people in dept who will help you. Toni: 216-823-5900

Maintenance Plant Equipment. Lake County  Area (Exclusive, of course) : Mechanical/ electrical. Precision assembly equipment, fast moving and electronics controls. ($50K). Toni: 216-823-5900

Shipping and Receiving: ELYRIA. Solid company. Experience needed, towmotor skills, computer skills, able to lift 50 lbs, great work attitude. To $14 per hour to start. Call Nick Rini at 440-925-0154

Industrial Saw Operator: West Side. Need experienced person NOW!. Call Nick at 440-925-0154

National Sales Manager: Experience in consumer products for Hunt/Fish. Experience with Rep network. $100K Package.

Ship and Receive Pro: Small, busy company on East Side. You will handle ALL ship/receive, use ERP system, decide how to ship. Keep everything HIGHLY organized. Use other shop people on a per-need basis. Need VERY clean background, pass drug test, be “Everyone’s Neighbor” type person, who does the job, no hassles, no issues, no trust issues, no drama. Report to the owners. Highly awarded company. To $18 per hour. Call Greg at 216-823-5900

Machine Operator, Level I. Painesville: Full Training to learn CNC Operations. Phenomenal company, benefits, training and future. MUST want to become a full MACHINIST and devote your time to a skilled career. Mechanical aptitude, any machining school or experience helpful. $10 to start. Call Toni at 216.823.5900

Warehouse/ Inventory “Specialist”. Twinsburg. Not a “people management” position. You will be the person who makes sure (organize and move stuff) all incoming and outgoing material are where they need to be. Load and unload shipments. Count inventory. Use PO’s and ERP system to assure all machine have materials. Need to know Word, Excel, basic computer. Interim to direct hire in 90 days. High Pay. GREAT, stable company. Experience in same duties. Sarah: 330-405-5627

Panel Build and Wiring. Small, precision control panels. Assemble BOTH Mechanical components and build wiring for them. All From Prints/ Schematics. Start IMMEDIATELY, assignment is for 2-3 weeks, but could go longer. HIGH Pay. SE Suburb. Carina: 216-823-5900

Visual Inspection: Clean room. We are looking for a “Hyper-Vigilant” individual who can visually inspect and clean critical components. Visual inspection ability, detail, cleanliness! Good job. Twinsburg area! Sarah: 330-405-5627

Sales Manager: Consumer Outdoor-use products. Experience in consumer product sales management through brokers and direct to larger accounts. Cleveland-based, 40% travel to accounts/ brokers/ trade shows. We are looking for an “Outdoors” type person. Package is $100K. North East Ohio residents first. We may consider basic relo later. Again, consumer products experience, able to relate to the “Hunt/Fish/Camp” folks.

Machine Maintenance: Chardon Area. Complete (Mech and Electrical) maintenance on electronics PCB building equipment. Precision work. Controls. To about $50K. Experienced. Toni: 216-823-5900

Electronic Technicians, SMT Operators, Testing Technicians, Assembly Technicians, Soldering Gurus: Champion has been selected to staff 8+ organizations in NE Ohio who are in the electronic component business (and we are adding new hiring clients every week). So if you are experienced in a technical function within a company that produces an electronic circuit board or assemble/ manufactures an electronic component or product for another company, you should call us. We have a limited number of current and future openings for people with no experience, but recent schooling. We are also pre-planning staffing for at least two organizations that are going to be ramping up in only a few months. Call: 216.823.5900, ask for Toni or Carena, Call 330-405-5627 (Twinsburg area) ask for Sarah, call 440-632-0666 (Geauga County) and ask for Don. Not sure who to call? Apply on this website or email:

Production Scheduler: OUTSTANDING company with a long and stable history (Lake county, by accessible from Cuyahoga County) needs your manufacturing (multiple departments) production scheduling experience and GREAT attitude. APICS certification is a plus! Toni: 216.823-5900 or Don: 440-632-0666.

Production Manager: Career opportunity. Smaller privately owned company, central location. Come from plating, coating, painting type job shop. Know how to schedule, oversee quality and work with customers. This company is ISO Certified. You should understand a formal quality system. Greg: 216-823-5900.

Mechanical Assembly: 2nd shift, train on 1st. Precision work, bench level, with hand and impact tools. GREAT organization. Central location. Toni: 216.823.5900

Assemblers for Automotive bodies. Very solid, national company. Central location. Interim to Direct hire. Carina: 216.823.5900

2-CNC Machine setup operators. East Cuyahoga County, almost lake county. You will learn their machines. Easy setup work. SOLID company. GREAT Career!! Toni: 216.823.5900

Flexographic Print Operators. Labels. World-Class organization, east side location. TOP PAY! Paul: 216.823.5900

2-CNC Grinders: TOP AREA COMPANY! This organization cross-trains and develops good people for long term careers. You will want to work here!!!! 2nd shift, train on 1st. Lots of OT available, but work 4 X 10 hours. High Pay!! Toni: 216-823-5900

2- Deburring Personnel. 3rd shift. Precision work. You will have an opportunity to learn other areas of the operation. They even have their own “University” to train you. Must first have BeBurr, sanding and polishing skills. Toni: 216-823-5900

CNC Lathe and Mill setup and operators (East Side) PHENOMENAL organization. High pay. Must have experience. 2nd shift. Toni: 216-823-5900

BUYER: Unique opening. Electronics components background needed for this High Growth organization (east side). This is not a trainee job. Know MRP. Solid Pay! Toni: 216.823-5900

SMT Operators (multiple organizations are looking!) EXPERIENCED please! Sarah: 330-405-5627

Acme Screw Machine Setup Operators: Lake County. 2nd shift: Toni: 216-823-5900

Quality Inspector! 2nd shift. Mentor area. Know how to use quality inspection tools. One year experience. Solid pay. GREAT future!! Toni: 216-823-5900

Machine Builders. Large machines. Do all Electrical work, MIG weld, Mechanical too. PLC hook ups. Very High Pay!!!! Paul: 216-823-5900

CNC Operators, Mentor Area!! Job shop type work for HIGHLY diversified company. More than just an operator All work from BP. Great overtime available. High Pay! Paul: 216-823-5900

CAD Design/Draft. Autocad. Plus 3-D. Update old designs plus do new designs for exceptional customers. Sheet Metal and Wiring exp. Very Solid pay and future! Greg: 216-823-5900

Panel Wiring: All work from schematics. Very LONG TERM (1+years) worth of work. Experience with Control Panel wiring. Not home stuff. Big Pay! Carina: 216.823.5900

CNC Mill Setup/Ops, program. Lake county. We are looking for a Class A person. Tight tolerances. $25 per hour. Eric: 216.823.5900

Software Engineer: Experience on programming for ecommerce database. SQL, .net, C++, MRP and ERP. EXCEPTIONAL international company. Very attractive package. Very. Greg: 216-823-5900

Electronics: Staffing NEW division of High-Growth Company. Exclusive. Get in on ground floor. Techs, Assembly, Test, machine setups, SMT, and much more. GREEN. Sarah: 330-405-5627.

Customer Service Reps: one Full time, One Part Time. WESTLAKE: Experience in a professional environment, PRODUCTS. High Growth company. Nick: 440-925-0154

Screw Machine Operators. Elyria. 1st and 2nd shift. High pay for experience, will also hire people who have operated other types of shop equipment. Solid pay. Good jobs. Nick: 440-925-0154

Assemble Lawn Furniture, Toys, Pools, Outdoor stuff. In warehouse and on-site. Lots of OT. Good work. 8-10 weeks. Solid pay. Better than landscaping job. Nick: 440-925-0154

SAW OPERATOR: Plate Saw. Steel Warehouse. Great Job, Great People, Great pay and benefits. I-D. Nick: 440-925-0154

Love Animals? Want to work at high volume, long hours and low pay pet clinic? Much better than Golden Arches or Mom complaining that you are not working. WEST. $9.50 Angela: 440-925-0154.

Machine Operators (10). ALL Shifts. If you have solid shop experience and can pass shop math test, measuring and more, we have GREAT careers waiting for you. West and East. Two outstanding companies. FULL TRAINING. Great Pay, great environments!! Nick (west) 440-925-0154, Carina (east) 216-823-5900.

MIG Welding: Twinsburg. Structural. Big stuff. Solid pay. Sarah: 330-405-5627. Needed NOW!!!

Machine Operators. Super clean shop. Permanent Temporary Positions. GREAT COMPANY. Solid pay. Better than Golden Arches. Pass drug, background checks. Full training. Sarah: 330-405-5627.

Geauga County/ Chardon, Middlefield, Newbury, Warren, Geneva, Madison, Mentor (Lake County): We have 30 openings for General Labor, Machine Operators, Assembly, Plastics, Maintenance (High Tech, High Pay) and ELECTRONICS personnel. Hiring now and in the next several weeks. Don: 440-632-0666



Precision Machine Technicians – recent graduates invited to apply! You know who you are, you know what you have been taught, let us introduce you to your first real hands on opportunity. We’ve got the clients who are willing to bring you in!  If you are WEST – contact Angela @ or 440-925-0154.  If you are CENTRAL NEO – Contact either Toni – or Paul – or 216-823-5900.  If you are SOUTH EAST – Contact Sarah – or 330-405-5627.

Electronic Technicians – Champion currently has six clients in this industry. All aspects are needed: assemblers;panel wiring; Process Engineers;Manufacturing Engineer;testers;designers -CAD. These clients are all over Northeast Ohio so please send your resume to Robert –

Manual Engine Lathe Set-up/Operator for the Tooling Industry from specs. Overtime opportunity! Contact Angela @ 440-925-0154.

Assemblers – Contact Nick @ 440-925-0154.

Machine Operators in the printing industry. Willing to train! Contact Sarah@ 330-405-5627.

PARALEGAL – Contact Carina@ 216-823-5900.

AR/AP Clerk – Contact Toni @ 216-823-5900.

SOFTWARE Engineer in ECommerce. Direct Hire! Contact Greg – 216-823-5900.

GRINGERS – 1st, 2nd, 3rd shift positions!  Overtime! More money than you can dream of! Contact – Angela – 440-925-0154!

MECHANICAL ASSEMBLY – train on 1st for one month then take your place on 3rd!  Contact Toni – 216-823-5900.

We have a total of SEVEN PAGES of job openings. Can’t possibly put them all here.  We can just about guarantee that we have what you’re looking for so contact Champion TODAY for your next career opportunitiy!

PAST JOB POSTING – some may still be available, contact today!

Job Shop Welder/Fabricator – Family owned companylooking to add an all around machinist from start to finish. Put your “art” to work while working independantly in small quarters. Contact Paul @

MANUAL engine lathe machinist – OVERTIME AVAILABLE! If you’re a machinist/fabricator who likes to think things through to get the job done while working with tight tolerances this is one heck of an opportunity! Five years experience required.  Become part of a very large, well known, stable company and help them grow!  Contact Paul @

Accounts Payable Clerk – downtown! Nice comfortable friendly firm seeks an AP/AR clerk: general ledger, invoicing, customer service and soft collection. Lovely people to work with in a fantastic office. Contact Toni OR Carina

Paralegal – work in and around the medical field for a wonderful law firm downtown Cleveland. Causal office – filings,research, court files, excel, word etc. Public transportation provided! Doesn’t get any better than this! Contact: Carina at

Grinder/Deburrer – work with your ipod! Can you imagine that? Second shift! Love it, love it, love it!  Contact: Angela at

Debit/Credit/Data Entry/Inventory control clerk – and when there is nothing else to do…be a machine operator.  If you like flexibility in your job duties and have full knowledge of Access/Excel/Outlook and Work…and enjoy working with machines at time this is a great opportunity.  Some heavy lifting possible when doing inventory control. Old and stable company, great wages ! If you are familiar with Microsoft Suites contact Nick at

Many more opportunities are unlisted. Do contact Champion today. We’re still looking for the Engineer positions: Mechanical and Electricial. See below for more information.

ACME Gridley Set-Up and Operator – interim to permanent hire. Excellent company with benefits~ Contact: Paul –

PROCESS ENGINEER – electronics manufacturing. Direct hire~ Contact:

CNC Horizontal Mill – set-up and operate – INTERIM TO DIRECT HIRE. Great group of people to work with, excellent benefit package, above average wages. Contact – PAUL

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE – support – Quickbooks and Excel experience a must. SEASONAL (until fall)    Contact Toni –

SHIPPING AND RECEIVING – UPS/World Ship Software experience. Down time will be light assembly (mechanically inclined). Busy pace, great family owned company, good wages. Contact:  Sarah ~

GENERAL LABOR – clean record, must pass pre-hire drug screen. Assemblers and material handlers, first and second shift positions available for a fast growing manufacturing firm on the west side of Cleveland. Contact: Angela ~

SOFTWARE ENGINEER – ERP in MFG!   ABOVE average wages. Phenomenal opportunity. Contact –

SERVERS – professional wait staff. Part time opportunities in and around town. If you’re not looking for a permanent job position and just want to work occasionally this is one fun job opportunity. Contact – Toni ~

Manufacturing/ Quality Engineer: You will setup (spec out and find, design processes for) NEW PCB building facility for high growth company, green products. Exciting opportunity for degreed person who has experience both in speccing out PCB manufacturing and the QUALITY aspects of this. Very Great career path!   hiring NOW!!!!!

Electrical Engineer: Power conversion for GREEN products circuitry/ software. New Division of High Growth company. Leading edge new products.

Production Manager: Ideal person will have experience from a “Manufacturing” type company that does a service for another product (Plating, painting, assembly/ etc) and then ships it back to customer. You will manage the entire operation for this SOLID, stable, long term Cleveland Based company. Hiring NOW!!!

CMG Crusher Roll Grinder first shift. Experienced CNC Grinder is preferred but would consider a recent grad. Contact: Carina @ 216-823-5900.

Buyer – work for an international company as a purchaser. No traveling. Contact: Angela @ 440-925-0154.

QC Inspector – wonderful company. Experience a must. Contact: Nick @ 440-925-0154

Machine Operators - WONDERFUL printing shop. You much have excellent credit though to work here.  Contact:  Sarah @ 330-405-5627.

General Laborers – industrial laborers, lite lifting, medium paced, great place to work, wonderful co-workers. Contact: Toni – 216-823-5900.

Mechanical Assemblers – from prints.  If you like being left alone while you get’er done this job is the one for you! Contact: Angela @ 440-925-0154.

PART TIME Customer Service – retail – you must be available weekends. Fun, fun, fun…if you like “making pretty” this is a dream job. Contact: Sarah @ 330-405-5627.

CNC operators – set-up operate and program Contact Paul @ 216-823-5900.

Electrical Design Engineer with experience in power inverter circuitry. Contact:

Warehouse - This client is growing so fast they can’t hire fast enough! Experienced warehouse person familiar with overhead cranes, side loaders and fork lift trucks. Work in the warehouse moving very large parts. They are currently looking for individuals who consider themselves “go getters” who want to be part of their Cleveland team. This is interim to direct. Once hired, the bonus opportunites are too good to mention here!   Contact: Sarah @ 330-405-5627.

Clerical - support the office manager. Excel, Word and some Quick Book knowledge is a plus not a must. Casual office, great people, wonderful company. Interim to direct.  Contact:  Carina – 216-823-5900.

Data entry – FAR EAST Part time opportunity to work with the owner as the busy landscaping season develops. Invoicing, payables, receivables, phones…whatever is needed. Flexible schedule. Great for someone who like to work but can’t work full time!   Carina – 216-823-5900

General Labor – FIRST and SECOND shift opportunities.  Work for a steady, dependable, older company who has been around for a very long time. Some heavy lifting required. Clean background and drug test required.  OVERTIME available. Contact: Toni: 216-823-5900

MACHINISTS! If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll go out and find it for you!  CONTACT Paul @ 216-823-5900 or submit your resume directly to him @

Punch Press Operators – experienced press operators for all three shift positions. Very fast pace. If you like the rhythm and pace of these wonderful machines contact Angela – 440-925-0154.

Past Job Postings

EXPERIENCED SHEET METAL FABRICATOR for a permanent job opportunity.  Excellent company with full benefits.  Contact or 216-823-5900.

EXPERIENCED WELDER FABRICATOR FOR CUSTOMIZED ALUMINUM AND STAINLESS STEEL. Heavy lifting. Family owned business headed for some serious growth. Looking for an upbeat, drama free member to add to their team. Contact Paul @ or 216-823-5900.

They say it’s “short term” but it usually lasts much, much longer than that: EXPERIENCED MIG WELDER/GRINDER. CONTACT: ANGELA @ 440-925-0154.

MACHINISTS: CNC Horizontal Mill Setup/Op;CNC Lathe Setup/Op;Crane Operator;Machine Maintenance – MUST have experience on working with BIG, VERY BIG parts!  Contact Sarah at 330-405-5627

LEAD PRODUCTION COORDINATOR – manage and monitor the distribution and completion of job orders amongst all the employees. Organizational skills a must as is computer experience with excel and outlook. They are looking for a take charge personality who is energetic, cooperative, demonstrates good team leadership skills and is mindful of safety. Wonderful facility, family friendly type company, excellent benefits and pay. Contact Brian @ 440-925-0154.


Tread Roll Setup/Operator – $17 per hour – Flat Die must be able to produce from prints (which of course you can…right?) Send resume to:

Bolt Maker – entry level trainee, first shift + overtime. Learn to set up and operate a five station progressive press! Opportunity of a lifetime! Contact Brian @  440-325-0154 to schedule an interview!

Mechanical Assembly – 2nd shift PLUS overtime if desired! Must be able to train on first. Wonderful company. Call Carina @ 216-823-5900 to discuss this further!

CNC Mill Op/Inspector – if you like close tolerances, this one is for you! Contact Paul: 216-823-5900.

CONFIDENTIAL HIRE – Production Manager for ALL plant functions: scheduling,oversee production,ISO, analyze production flow, improve cost. Work for a family owned company. This could be your next “home”.  Submit resume to

Materials Manager – work directly with the supply chain manager in corporate as you run your facility here locally! EVERYTHING – in and out is yours! MBA preferred not required. EXCEPTIONAL POTENTIAL. CONFIDENTIAL REPLACEMENT  Call Greg @ 216-823-5900.

S & R Clerk in a very fast paced environment. If you want to work for a company that is growing, has never had a lay off and is expanding…and IF you like to hussle this one’s for you:   Call Brian @ 440-925-0154 to schedule your interview.

Configurator: multiple shifts plus overtime with with very small rods and coils using hand tools and small machinery. Great people! Contact Angela:  440-925-0154.

PICKER/ PACKER – FANTASTIC company! Very generous. Family owned and operated looking to “add to the family”. Company is expanding to multiple shifts they’ve grown that much. VERY fast pace. Fully automated…very high tech. WONDERFUL company. Contact NICK @ 440-925-0154.

Admin Assistant/Accounts Payable - Split your day up for variety. Mornings Admin/afternoons you manage your own account payable clients.  No need to be stuck in one place anymore! Contact Sarah @ 330-405-5627 to discuss this wonderful position further!